Baba+Boo One Size Reusable Nappy

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Baba+Boo create fabulous one size nappies in a range of great prints. These nappies are pocket nappies, and come with two bamboo mix inserts which can be used individually or together for when you need a boost.

 These one size nappies will fit most babies from around 6 weeks, or 10lb and the front poppers allow you to adjust the size to fit until you are ready to potty train your child. They can be used with or without a liner - some parents prefer to use a liner to catch any solids. They also help to keep the nappy clean.

These nappies have a built in waterproof outer layer, so no need for a seperate wrap. They have a great double gusset on the inside of the nappy which helps to prevent any unfortunate leaks. Baba+Boo one size nappies secure with poppers which is great for when little ones start to get fiddly fingers!

In our experience we have found these nappies to be a great all rounder. We love being able to use either one or both of the boosters if needed, and even being able to add an extra booster into the pocket for heavy wetters or night time use. They are quick drying which makes laundry a little easier.

As with all cloth nappies, we recommend pre-washing this nappy before use to ensure maximum absorbancy. Simply wash between 40-60 degrees, with half your usual amount of non-bio washing powder. If you can, try to do this 2-3 times before you use the nappy for the first time (although once will suffice if you're really keen to get your little one into the nappy!).