Caring For Cloth Nappies

We recommend pre-washing cloth nappies before use to ensure maximum absorbancy. Simply wash between 40-60 degrees, with half your usual amount of non-bio washing powder. As nappies are absorbent if you use too much detergent they can hold on to the detergent which will make them less absorbent over time. If you can, try to pre-wash your new nappies 2-3 times before you use the nappy for the first time (although once will suffice if you're really keen to get your little one into the nappy!).

We recommend using non-biological detergent to wash nappies, and we advise against using fabric conditioner as this make the nappies less absorbent. Nappies are best washed on the longest cycle your machine has, with a pre-rinse cycle. Once your nappies have been washed, we advise against tumble drying as this can degrade the elastics in the nappy as well as potentially melt the PUL (the waterproof part of the nappy). Dirty nappies do not need to be soaked, simply dry pail them between washes in either a wet bag or a nappy bin and then pop in the washing machine on wash day. We wouldn't suggest going more than 2-3 days at most between washes as the ammonia in urine can damage the nappies if left for too long.

We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about looking after your nappies, just pop us an email to or drop us a message on Facebook.