Those of you who are long standing Mootooti fans will know that the lovely Sarah, who founded and grew Mootooti to the store it is today decided with much sadness earlier this year that the time had come for her to step away from Mootooti. Being a member of the private Mootooti Facebook group myself I saw Sarah's posts about Mootooti closing down, I took a chance and dropped her a message, and here we are two months later! 


My name is Ashley, I am mum to two boys and a dog, I live on the Somerset/Dorset border with my husband Will and I also run The Little Green Bee Co. I started Little Green Bee because I found there was a lack of places that you could shop for cloth nappies in person in our area, we run regular pop up shop events alongside our website to give parents a chance to touch and feel the nappies as well as a real person to talk to for advice. Little Green Bee has gone from strength to strength, offering cloth nappies, wipes, Klean Kanteen and accessories and so we began to think about expanding our range to offer clothes.


As a mum of boys, I often get frustrated by the lack of colour on the high street. Everything seems to be blue and green and grey, and whilst I have nothing against those colours, I want my boys to be able to wear clothes as vibrant as they are! The other issue I regularly come up against in the high street are clothes that will fit over my youngest's big cloth bum! Kid's clothes should allow them the freedom to run, splash, climb, crawl, do all the things children love to do.


I am passionate about making ethical choices. We are all on a journey to live more sustainably, and for me, our clothing choices are a big part of this. Our high streets are filled with fast fashion, and many of the clothes (although not all!) are made using processes that are incredibly harmful to the environment. Working conditions are often far from ideal and then these clothes are sometimes sadly just not made to last. I love clothes than can be passed from sibling to sibling, to friends, to cousins or sold on to another family! 


I am so excited to be taking the reigns here at Mootooti, I am so grateful to Sarah for her hard work in building Mootooti and I am over the moon to have the opportunity to continue growing what she has worked so hard for and to build a relationship with all of you, our lovely customers!